Music & Me Album Tracks

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music & me albumBen was released by Motown in 1973. It had ten tracks and was fourteen-year-old Michael Jackson’s third album released.  Michael was hitting an age where his vocals were changing so the sound of this album was different than his previous three. This was also around the time where Jackson’s business relationship with Motown was on the decline, as the record label declined Michael’s request to include some of his own compositions in the album and didn’t allow him to play any instruments, which was one of his passions.

The list of tracks on Michael Jackson’s Music & Me album below is in the order they appear on the actual track listing.

1 “With a Child’s Heart”

2“Up Again”

3“All the Things You Are”


5“Too Young”

6“Doggin’ Around”


8“Morning Glow”

9“Johnny Raven”

10“Music and Me”

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