Scrubs Episodes

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scrubs episodesNine seasons worth of Scrubs episodes were aired from October 2, 2001 and March 17, 2010. The popular medical comedy-drama television series was featured on NBC for seven of those season, but made a move to ABC for the final two seasons of the series. Scrubs, created by Bill Lawrence, follows John Michael “J.D” Dorian (Zach Braff) who begins the series as an intern at the fictional Sacred Heart teaching hospital. As most of the show’s main characters start as interns at the beginning of the series, J.D. eventually climbs the ranks of the hospital before inheriting a Residency Director position at St. Vincent Hospital.

Due to the Writers Guild of America trike that took place 2007, season seven of the series only consisted of 11 episodes. Because the actors’ contracts could have expired while the strike was in effect, the conclusion of the series was a mystery. It was unknown if there were more Scrubs episodes to be filmed or if a series finale was in order. It was eventually determined that NBC was no longer going to air the show, but ABC would pick it up for seasons eight and nine. In the end, Scrubs was deemed a successful series and was the recipient of 15 different awards.

The list below displays each of the 182 Scrubs episodes in chronological order.

1My First Day

  • Season 1, Episode 1
  • Episode Air Date: October 2, 2001
  • The pilot episode deals with with J.D’s transition into Sacred Heart Hospital. He quickly realizes how much pressure his position puts him in, as he deals with a variety of requests from demanding nurses.

2My Mentor

  • Season 1, Episode 2
  • Episode Air Date: October 4, 2001
  • Turk begins his romantic pursuit of Carla. A rift develops between Carla and Elliot once Dr. Kelso is informed of a costly mistake.

3My Best Friend's Mistake

  • Season 1, Episode 3
  • Episode Air Date: October 9, 2001
  • In this episode, J.D has just 48 hours to kiss Elliot before their relationship lands squarely in the friend-zone.

4My Old Lady

  • Season 1, Episode 4
  • Episode Air Date: October 16, 2001
  • “My Old Lady” thematically dances with death, showcasing how J.D, Turk, and Elliot cope with it’s ramifications.

5My Two Dads

  • Season 1, Episode 5
  • Episode Air Date: October 23, 2001
  • While Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox battle over J.D’S trust, Elliot is using her breasts to heal patients throughout Sacred Heart Hospital.

6My Bad

  • Season 1, Episode 6
  • Episode Air Date: October 30, 2001
  • J.D. finds himself in precarious yet sexy predicament with Dr. Cox’s ex wife, Jordan. Carla’s mother has some choice words for Turk after a sultry discovery.

7My Super Ego

  • Season 1, Episode 7
  • Episode Air Date: November 6, 2001
  • In “My Super Ego”, J.D has to reclaim his spot as top doctor, as he is rapidly outclassed by the new doctor on the scene, Nick Murdoch.

8My Fifteen Minutes

  • Season 1, Episode 8
  • Episode Air Date: November 15, 2001
  • In “My Fifteen Minutes”, J.D attempts to get a glowing evaluation from Dr. Cox. Turk deals with ethnically charged stereotypes after saving a woman’s life live on television.

9My Day Off

  • Season 1, Episode 9
  • Episode Air Date: November 20, 2001
  • As J.D gets comfortable with the idea of having a day off, he finds himself a patient of Sacred Heart, suffering from appendicitis. J.D has choice reservations on who he would like to operate on him, leading to tension between him and Turk.

10My Nickname

  • Season 1, Episode 10
  • Episode Air Date: November 27, 2001
  • As J.D quickly outpaces Carla’s medical knowledge, their friendship is put to a test. Dr. Cox and Elliot learn to cope with a hyper active patient.

11My Own Personal Jesus

  • Season 1, Episode 11
  • Episode Air Date: December 11, 2001
  • Flirting with sentiment and Satire, “My Own Personal Jesus” reinforces the Christmas Spirit. Unfortunately, only Turk is feeling the holiday spirit. Cox and J.D attempt to work today to film the birth of a friends baby, but things go awry when Jordan reappears.

12My Blind Date

  • Season 1, Episode 12
  • Episode Air Date: January 8, 2002
  • While J.D. is infatuated with a patient stuck in an MRI machine, Dr. Cox issues a staff challenge – do not lose a single patient.

13My Balancing Act

  • Season 1, Episode 13
  • Episode Air Date: January 15, 2002
  • As J.D. tries to develop a new relationship with the patient in “My Blind Date”, he finds himself constantly tormented by Dr. Cox and the demands of Sacred Heart Hospital.

14My Drug Buddy

  • Season 1, Episode 14
  • Episode Air Date: January 22, 2002
  • Dr. Cox and Turk finally get to know one-another – in a very peculiar place. Dr. Kelso and Carla temporarily bond through carpooling, while J.D and Alex try to consummate their budding relationship.

15My Bed Banter & Beyond

  • Season 1, Episode 15
  • Episode Air Date: February 5, 2002
  • J.D. is back in his pursuit of Elliot, as the two diligently work to keep their blossoming relationship secret. The staff of Sacred Heart are confronted by a psychologist, who inquires about their entry into the medical field.

16My Heavy Meddle

  • Season 1, Episode 16
  • Episode Air Date: February 26, 2002
  • While attempting to avoid Elliot throughout the hospital, J.D copes with a personal loss while simultaneously attempting to improve his relationship with Dr. Cox.

17My Student

  • Season 1, Episode 17
  • Episode Air Date: March 5, 2002
  • “My Student” shows how all-star Sacred Heart residents J.D, Turk, and Elliot coach and develop their medical students. Dr. Cox finds himself in the throes of attraction, gravitating towards a new med student.

18My Tuscaloosa Heart

  • Season 1, Episode 18
  • Episode Air Date: March 12, 2002
  • J.D. contemplates whether or not his actions lead to the death of a patient. Turk, Elliot, and Carla discover a shocking secret about Dr. Kelso and his youthful past.

19My Old Man

  • Season 1, Episode 19
  • Episode Air Date: April 9, 2002
  • Tensions run high in “My Old Man” as the parents of J.D, Turk, and Elliot visit the hospital. The Janitor deals with a harsh father and his wishes.

20My Way or the Highway

  • Season 1, Episode 20
  • Episode Air Date: April 16, 2002
  • As Elliot finds herself falling for an oblivious patient, J.D struggles with the competitive nature of his long time pal, Turk.

21My Sacrificial Clam

  • Season 1, Episode 21
  • Episode Air Date: April 30, 2002
  • Elliot’s new relationship begins to threaten her internship. J.D suffers from a needle prick, and begins to worry if he has contracted Hepatitis B.

22My Occurrence

  • Season 1, Episode 22
  • Episode Air Date: May 7, 2002
  • The Brother-In-Law of doctor cox is on the receiving end of dire medical news. Elliot and Turk struggle amidst a patient mix-up.

23My Hero

  • Season 1, Episode 23
  • Episode Air Date: May 14, 2002
  • As Turk struggles with the notion that he may not be the best surgical intern on staff at Sacred Heart, Dr. Cox struggles with his friends potentially terminal illness. Brendan Fraser guest stars.

24My Last Day

  • Season 1, Episode 24
  • Episode Air Date: May 21, 2002
  • On the last day of his internship, J.D reflects on his experiences and everything that has happened at Sacred Heart. Elliot spills the beans on a steamy secret between Jordan and Dr. Cox.

25My Overkill

  • Season 2, Episode 1
  • Episode Air Date: September 26, 2002
  • Capitalizing on the events of Season Ones “My Last Day”, J.D rallies to mend friendships. A patient floats through departments until the staff comes together to assist him.

26My Nightingale

  • Season 2, Episode 2
  • Episode Air Date: October 3, 2002
  • The new residents experience their first night shift without a supervising physician. Dr. Cox comes to a startling realization about Jordan, with assistance from Carla.

27My Case Study

  • Season 2, Episode 3
  • Episode Air Date: October 10, 2002
  • The residents of Sacred Heart Hospital compete for a trip to Reno. J.D faces a difficult decision, while Carla and Elliot struggle to build a friendship.

28My Big Mouth

  • Season 2, Episode 4
  • Episode Air Date: October 17, 2002
  • J.D betrays Carla, while Elliot fights for the respect of Dr. Cox. Turk realizes workplace competition isn’t always as it appears.

29My New Coat

  • Season 2, Episode 5
  • Episode Air Date: October 24, 2002
  • As J.D struggles with his identity at Sacred Heart, Elliot begins to carve out a new reputation. Turk betrays a friend in order to fit in.

30My Big Brother

  • Season 2, Episode 6
  • Episode Air Date: October 31, 2002
  • J.D comes to the realization that he is ashamed of his big brother, Dan, when he visits Sacred Heart. Dan attempts to court Elliot, much to the disapproval of J.D. Turk struggles with the morality of his decisions.

31My First Step

  • Season 2, Episode 7
  • Episode Air Date: November 7, 2002
  • As Elliot and JD clash over who is the better doctor, Dr. Cox resists seduction from a sultry pharmaceutical representative.

32My Fruit Cups

  • Season 2, Episode 8
  • Episode Air Date: November 14, 2002
  • Money leads to J.D and Turk’s friendship to hot water. Elliot deals with her controlling father, while Dr. Cox has to choose between Jordan or Julie.

33My Lucky Day

  • Season 2, Episode 9
  • Episode Air Date: December 5, 2002
  • J.D corrects a misdiagnosis by none other than Dr. Cox, but struggles to find the underlying cause of death. Elliot struggles with the ramifications of going against her father’s wishes.

34My Monster

  • Season 2, Episode 10
  • Episode Air Date: December 12, 2002
  • As J.D begins to sow new romantic seeds, Carla struggles with the lack of romance in her relationship with Turk. Dr. Cox deals with the demands of a very pregnant Jordan.

35My Sex Buddy

  • Season 2, Episode 11
  • Episode Air Date: January 2, 2003
  • J.D and Elliot fool around to combat rising stress. Dr. Kelso launches a fiery accusation towards Carla.

36My New Old Friend

  • Season 2, Episode 12
  • Episode Air Date: January 9, 2003
  • J.D and Elliot struggle remaining “just friends.” Turk tries to pull a fast one on Dr. Kelso, while Dr. Cox and Carla begin to question a patient’s illness.

37My Philosophy

  • Season 2, Episode 13
  • Episode Air Date: January 16, 2003
  • J.D struggles to cope with a patient’s illness. Turk finds himself in a sticky situation after losing Carla’s engagement ring, while Elliot protests co-ed locker rooms.

38My Brother, My Keeper

  • Season 2, Episode 14
  • Episode Air Date: January 23, 2003
  • Turk is visited by his brother, Kevin. Dr. Cox conspires behind Jordan’s back, giving leverage to Elliot. J.D. gets his first taste of “old school” doctor methodology when paired with Dr. Townshend.

39His Story

  • Season 2, Episode 15
  • Episode Air Date: January 30, 2003
  • J.D and Turk try to persuade Carla into marriage. Dr. Cox copes with a startling realization delivered by none other than his own psychiatrist.

40My Karma

  • Season 2, Episode 16
  • Episode Air Date: February 20, 2003
  • After an accident caused by a friendly round of roof top golf, J.D and Turk struggle with the idea of bad karma. Jordan goes into labor, which terrifies J.D. Elliot and Carla face difficulty in their respective relationships.

41My Own Private Practice Guy

  • Season 2, Episode 17
  • Episode Air Date: March 13, 2003
  • J.D develops a new friendship with Dr. Peter Fisher, while Elliot befriends the janitor. Turk and Dr. Kelso clash over Pac-Man.

42My T.C.W.

  • Season 2, Episode 18
  • Episode Air Date: March 20, 2003
  • J.D explores another relationship at Sacred Heart Hospital. Dr. Cox is left out in the cold, receiving no attention from Jordan. Elliot and Carla once again fight over their respective relationships.

43My Kingdom

  • Season 2, Episode 19
  • Episode Air Date: March 27, 2003
  • Dr. Cox dupes staff into believing Kelso has died while golfing. J.D struggles to fit in with other colleagues during a surgical rotation. Elliot and Paul continue to have relationship problems.

44My Interpretation

  • Season 2, Episode 20
  • Episode Air Date: April 3, 2003
  • Language barriers prevent J.D. from communicating with a German patient suffering from cancer. Dr. Cox is left with the baby, and Turk has a steamy dream about a close friend.

45My Drama Queen

  • Season 2, Episode 21
  • Episode Air Date: April 10, 2003
  • Carla finds herself rushing to the altar following the death of her mother. J.D realizes his relationship is faltering. Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso attend a lawsuit prevention seminar.

46My Dream Job

  • Season 2, Episode 22
  • Episode Air Date: April 17, 2003
  • An old friend of J.D and Turk reveals a startling secret in a drunken stupor. Elliot is tormented by Dr. Kelso.

47My Own American Girl

  • Season 3, Episode 1
  • Episode Air Date: October 2, 2003
  • J.D finds himself struggling with a patient and Dr. Cox isn’t available to help. Elliot get’s a makeover, and the staff take advantage of down time thanks to the predictability of Dr. Kelso.

48My Journey

  • Season 3, Episode 2
  • Episode Air Date: October 9, 2003
  • J.D gets jealous of Elliot and Sean’s relationship. A mysterious jar of urine puzzles Carla, while Turk struggles to express his emotions to a patient.

49My White Whale

  • Season 3, Episode 3
  • Episode Air Date: October 23, 2003
  • Turk and Elliot receive their own interns, demonstrating very different teaching styles. Elliot struggles with her interns fear of Dr. Cox.

50My Lucky Night

  • Season 3, Episode 4
  • Episode Air Date: October 30, 2003
  • After Sean informs Elliot that he is leaving for six month, J.D tries to capitalize on an opportunity with his old love interest. Dr. Cox chases a promotion, but not before realizing who he needs in his corner.

51My Brother, Where Art Thou

  • Season 3, Episode 5
  • Episode Air Date: November 6, 2003
  • J.D’s brother Dan visits again, and he believes the hospital has compromised his attitude. After a ban on moonlighting, Carla and Elliot face the wrath of Dr. Kelso.

52My Advice to You

  • Season 3, Episode 6
  • Episode Air Date: November 13, 2003
  • Carlas’ brother is in town, and you won’t believe who he clashes with. After meeting Danni, J.D soon realizes he needs someone else to fill the void Elliot left in his life.

53My Fifteen Seconds

  • Season 3, Episode 7
  • Episode Air Date: November 13, 2003
  • J.D and Dr. Cox explore friendship outside of the hospital. Dr. Kelso goes temporarily deaf, and is taken advantage of by the staff.

54My Friend the Doctor

  • Season 3, Episode 8
  • Episode Air Date: December 4, 2003
  • Following a successful surgery, Turk is the new star of Sacred Heart. Elliot struggles with her identity as a doctor, while Dr. Cox realizes getting old hurts.

55My Dirty Secret

  • Season 3, Episode 9
  • Episode Air Date: December 11, 2003
  • Elliot’s inability to acknowledge “private areas” gets her in hot water. High tension in the Cox household forces him to temporarily stay with J.D. Carla prides herself on her resolve, but struggles taking jokes from staff.

56My Rule of Thumb

  • Season 3, Episode 10
  • Episode Air Date: January 22, 2004
  • Turk refuses a surgical request, unwillingly to assist a friend of Dr. Cox. Danni insists on moving in with J.D. Carla and Elliot fulfill a bizarre request of a dying patient.

57My Clean Break

  • Season 3, Episode 11
  • Episode Air Date: February 3, 2004
  • J.D wants to break things off with Danni, but she is one step ahead. Elliot’s make over brings unwanted discrimination. Dr. Cox questions his demeanor after the birth of his child.

58My Catalyst

  • Season 3, Episode 12
  • Episode Air Date: February 10, 2004
  • A new doctor arrives on the scene, but he has some quirks. He soon begins to upstage the staff at Sacred Heart Hospital.

59My Porcelain God

  • Season 3, Episode 13
  • Episode Air Date: February 17, 2004
  • Dr. Kevin Casey struggles to sit on the “Epiphany Toilet”, while Elliot seeks his advice. Dr. Cox tries to persuade Dr. Kelso into reopening a wing.

60My Screw Up

  • Season 3, Episode 14
  • Episode Air Date: February 24, 2004
  • It is baby Jack Cox’s first birthday, but J.D isn’t thrilled with the guest list. Carla and Turk argue over mole removal surgery.

61My Tormented Mentor

  • Season 3, Episode 15
  • Episode Air Date: March 2, 2004
  • Dr. Cox struggles coping with the death of a patient. Dr. Kelso receives complaints of sexual harassment from the nurses. A new surgeon threatens Sacred Hearts morale – she is strong and confident, which wasn’t expected.

62My Butterfly

  • Season 3, Episode 16
  • Episode Air Date: March 16, 2004
  • After catching the glimpse of a butterfly land on a busty woman’s chest, J.D begins to contemplate the Chaos Theory. Turk misplaces a lucky piece of clothing, which “helps” him with his surgery.

63My Moment of Un-Truth

  • Season 3, Episode 17
  • Episode Air Date: March 30, 2004
  • Carla is asked out on a date. Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso try to persuade Elliot out of giving her patient drugs. Turk and Carla confide in J.D, but he cannot share what he has learned.

64His Story II

  • Season 3, Episode 18
  • Episode Air Date: April 6, 2004
  • Turk is hesitant about mailing out wedding invitations. J.D’s actions cause Elliot to question who is there for her. Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso find themselves in a lovers quarrel.

65My Choosiest Choice of All

  • Season 3, Episode 19
  • Episode Air Date: April 20, 2004
  • Elliot and Sean reuniting leads to J.D and Danni reuniting. Dr. Cox quickly realizes he’s falling for another doctor. Janitor contemplates breaking a rule for Dr. Kelso after receiving a promotion.

66My Fault

  • Season 3, Episode 20
  • Episode Air Date: April 22, 2004
  • J.D and Danni are on the outs again. Turk is tasked with the difficult decision of un-inviting someone to his wedding. Elliot finds a new romantic interest after leaving Sean.

67My Self-Examination

  • Season 3, Episode 21
  • Episode Air Date: April 27, 2004
  • J.D’s realization that he doesn’t love Elliot puts the two in an embarrassing situation. Turk struggles with expressing his love for Carla. Dr. Cox turns his frustrations with Jordan to the Janitor.

68My Best Friend's Wedding

  • Season 3, Episode 22
  • Episode Air Date: May 4, 2004
  • Love is in the air, as Turk and Carla finally get married. It doesn’t go off without a hitch, however. J.D and Elliot deal with the ramifications of their breakup.

69My Old Friend's New Friend

  • Season 4, Episode 1
  • Episode Air Date: August 31, 2004
  • J.D meets Dr. Molly Clock, who quickly befriends Elliot. Returning from their honeymoon, Turk and Carla navigate the ups and downs of marriage.

70My Office

  • Season 4, Episode 2
  • Episode Air Date: September 7, 2004
  • J.D and Elliot compete for the position of Chief Resident. Animosity brews between Carla and Molly. Dr. Cox gets frustrated with staff interfering with his “moments.”

71My New Game

  • Season 4, Episode 3
  • Episode Air Date: September 14, 2004
  • Dr. Cox and Jordan discover they’re still legally married. J.D struggles with tough decision making as the Co-Chief Resident.

72My First Kill

  • Season 4, Episode 4
  • Episode Air Date: September 21, 2004
  • J.D worries if past incompetence or forgetfulness inevitably killed a patient. Elliot tries to get her patient into surgery.

73Her Story

  • Season 4, Episode 5
  • Episode Air Date: September 28, 2004
  • Elliot distances herself from Dr. Cox, relying on Molly to provide mentoring. J.D fights for his interns respect, while Turk struggles going to bed the same time as Carla.

74My Cake

  • Season 4, Episode 6
  • Episode Air Date: October 12, 2004
  • J.D copes with a devastating death in the family. Turk worries he has developed diabetes.

75My Common Enemy

  • Season 4, Episode 7
  • Episode Air Date: October 19, 2004
  • Molly’s happy, upbeat attitude drives Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso up a wall. Elliot and Dan get close, much to the disapproval of J.D. Turk learns abusing diabetes weighs heavy on his conscious.

76My Last Chance

  • Season 4, Episode 8
  • Episode Air Date: October 26, 2004
  • J.D tries his best to sleep with Molly. Dr. Cox finds himself on ambulance duty with a talkative, optimistic woman – his worst fear.

77My Malpractice Decision

  • Season 4, Episode 9
  • Episode Air Date: November 9, 2004
  • Turk pulls a prank on the janitor, but the consequences don’t sit well with him. A malpractice attorney causes J.D and Dr. Cox to fret.

78My Female Trouble

  • Season 4, Episode 10
  • Episode Air Date: November 16, 2004
  • Turk finds himself in a legal battle – the lawyer being J.D’s girlfriend. Elliot and Janitor get creative handling a sexist patient.

79My Unicorn

  • Season 4, Episode 11
  • Episode Air Date: November 23, 2004
  • J.D tries to influence a patient’s organ donation. Elliot relies on flirting to get her way around Sacred Heart. Janitor is falling in love – and you won’t believe with who.

80My Best Moment

  • Season 4, Episode 12
  • Episode Air Date: December 7, 2004
  • “My Best Moment” is a collection of fond memories shared by Sacred Heart staff. The staff rush to get a patient home in time for Christmas.

81My Ocardial Infarction

  • Season 4, Episode 13
  • Episode Air Date: January 18, 2005
  • Elliot assists J.D in handling stressful medical codes. Turk learns to live with diabetes, while Janitor gets a little too heavy for Elliot.

82My Lucky Charm

  • Season 4, Episode 14
  • Episode Air Date: January 25, 2005
  • Turk and J.D learn to appreciate life, from the unlikeliest person. Carla and Elliot leave Dr. Cox hanging in his time of need.

83My Hypocritical Oath

  • Season 4, Episode 15
  • Episode Air Date: February 1, 2005
  • J.D. struggles with the thought of breaking sensitive news to an exciting new woman in his life. Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso are at it again over a prank.

84My Quarantine

  • Season 4, Episode 16
  • Episode Air Date: February 8, 2005
  • A patient potentially affected by SARS forces a hospital quarantine during the worst time – J.D’s date with Kylie. Turk uncovers tantalizing news about the past of both Carla and Dr. Cox.

85My Life in Four Cameras

  • Season 4, Episode 17
  • Episode Air Date: February 15, 2005
  • An E.Coli scare prompts a patient overload at Sacred Heart. Dr. Cox attempts to convince Dr. Kelso from making a harsh budget cut that could cost someone their job.

86My Roommates

  • Season 4, Episode 18
  • Episode Air Date: February 22, 2005
  • Trouble in paradise spurs Turk and Carla to kick J.D. out of the apartment. An old competitive friend of Dr. Cox returns to visit.

87My Best Laid Plans

  • Season 4, Episode 19
  • Episode Air Date: March 1, 2005
  • J.D flirts with the idea of dating both Molly and Kylie. Turk gets in touch with an ex-girlfriend, while Janitor competes for Elliot’s affection.

88My Boss's Free Haircut

  • Season 4, Episode 20
  • Episode Air Date: March 29, 2005
  • Turk and Carla suffer from marital distress. J.D and Elliot try and help them navigate the waters of marriage. Dr. Kelso deals with a difficult patient.

89My Lips Are Sealed

  • Season 4, Episode 21
  • Episode Air Date: April 5, 2005
  • As Turk and Carla continue to struggle with their marriage, J.D and Carla share a kiss – one that can ruin marriage. J.D assists in the reconciliation of his friends marital woes.

90My Big Move

  • Season 4, Episode 22
  • Episode Air Date: April 12, 2005
  • After being the middleman in a fight between Carla and Turk, J.D moves out. Elliot embarrasses Dr.Cox with a patient.

91My Faith in Humanity

  • Season 4, Episode 23
  • Episode Air Date: April 19, 2005
  • J.D questions humanity, exploring Sacred Heart for any signs. Turk and Carla finally undergo couples therapy.

92My Drive-By

  • Season 4, Episode 24
  • Episode Air Date: April 26, 2005
  • After Dr. Cox strokes his ego, Turk loses sight of his humble nature after saving a patient’s life. Elliot resists temptation with Jake, while Janitor and Kelso battle over a scooter.

93My Changing Ways

  • Season 4, Episode 25
  • Episode Air Date: May 10, 2005
  • J.D finally finds a new apartment, while trying to replace his best friend. Elliot debates on taking a new job offer. Jordan accepts a job at Sacred Heart, much to the dismay of Dr. Cox.

94My Intern's Eyes

  • Season 5, Episode 1
  • Episode Air Date: January 3, 2006
  • After the ceiling of his apartment collapses, J.D finds himself living in a hotel. Turk and Carla are trying to have a baby, and Elliot finds herself working at a new hospital.

95My Rite of Passage

  • Season 5, Episode 2
  • Episode Air Date: January 3, 2006
  • J.D reflects and questions his relationship with his interns. Carla causes trouble for Elliot at her new job, while Dr. Cox and Turk keep a secret from Jordan.

96My Day at the Races

  • Season 5, Episode 3
  • Episode Air Date: January 10, 2006
  • Dr. Cox invites J.D to participate in a marathon. J.D moves in with Elliot, which causes a rift in her relationship with Jake.

97My Jiggly Ball

  • Season 5, Episode 4
  • Episode Air Date: January 10, 2006
  • J.D tries to get a snapshot of Dr. Kelso’s humanity, but this proves tough – he just closed the prenatal unit for underprivileged woman.

98My New God

  • Season 5, Episode 5
  • Episode Air Date: January 17, 2006
  • Dr. Cox finds his faith tested by his visiting sister. Baby Jack is due for his baptism.

99My Missed Perception

  • Season 5, Episode 6
  • Episode Air Date: January 17, 2006
  • A patient with chronic pain stumps Turk and Elliot. Carla does her best to gather staff for the annual group photo.

100My Way Home

  • Season 5, Episode 7
  • Episode Air Date: January 24, 2006
  • Paying homage to The Wizard of Oz, J.D is called into work on his day off, however he tries to sneak back home. Turk tries to convince a family to donate their sons heart, and Carla realizes she lacks courage.

101My Big Bird

  • Season 5, Episode 8
  • Episode Air Date: January 24, 2006
  • After J.D saves a patient’s life, him and Turk try to get a thank you. Elliot finds herself kissing a man – a married man.

102My Half-Acre

  • Season 5, Episode 9
  • Episode Air Date: February 7, 2006
  • J.D finds himself falling for somebody new, while Elliot steps in with romantic advice.

103Her Story II

  • Season 5, Episode 10
  • Episode Air Date: February 7, 2006
  • J.D’s new girlfriend frustrates him by not laughing at anything funny – simply acknowledging that things are, indeed, funny.

104My Buddy's Booty

  • Season 5, Episode 11
  • Episode Air Date: February 28, 2006
  • Mrs. Wilk is put into a coma. Elliot starts placing booty calls – with Keith. Carla and Turk attempt to convince Dr. Kelso to make the gym feminine friendly.

105My Cabbage

  • Season 5, Episode 12
  • Episode Air Date: February 28, 2006
  • Dr. Kelso tries to get an bird out of the hospital. Janitor develops a new bond and you won’t believe with who.

106My Five Stages

  • Season 5, Episode 13
  • Episode Air Date: March 7, 2006
  • J.D and Dr. Cox struggle with grief as one of their favorite patients declines in health.

107My Own Personal Hell

  • Season 5, Episode 14
  • Episode Air Date: March 14, 2006
  • Elliot’s interns discover her relationship with Keith. Dr. Cox struggles with a very difficult patient.

108My Extra Mile

  • Season 5, Episode 15
  • Episode Air Date: March 21, 2006
  • J.D urges Dr. Cox and fellow doctors to do unconventional things for their patients. Dr. Cox struggles with a patient preparing a play.

109My Bright Idea

  • Season 5, Episode 16
  • Episode Air Date: March 28, 2006
  • Carla and Turk struggle to get pregnant. J.D baits the Janitor into eating a GPS transmitter.

110My Chopped Liver

  • Season 5, Episode 17
  • Episode Air Date: April 4, 2006
  • Carla helps Dr. Kelso say “no.” J.D and Turk’s friendship is put to the test. Dr. Cox and Jordan go on a double date – with Elliot and Keith.

111My New Suit

  • Season 5, Episode 18
  • Episode Air Date: April 11, 2006
  • J.D’s brother makes another surprising visit. Turk and Carla think about baby names.

112His Story III

  • Season 5, Episode 19
  • Episode Air Date: April 18, 2006
  • Janitor narrates this episode, largely due to him kidnapping and locking J.D. up in the strangest place. Elliot cracks down on her interns, while Dr. Cox questions turks ethnicity.

113My Lunch

  • Season 5, Episode 20
  • Episode Air Date: April 25, 2006
  • After an untimely death, J.D feels bad because he couldn’t help. Three transplant patients receive new organs, but something goes horribly wrong.

114My Fallen Idol

  • Season 5, Episode 21
  • Episode Air Date: May 2, 2006
  • Several patients accidentally die on Dr. Cox’s watch as his friends bond together to cheer him up. Dr. Cox struggles with alcohol, and J.D’s image of him is tarnished.

115My Déjà Vu, My Déjà Vu

  • Season 5, Episode 22
  • Episode Air Date: May 9, 2006
  • J.D finds himself with a severe case of De Ja Vu. Dr. Cox returns after his breakdown. Carla isn’t allowed to do anything while pregnant – per Turk’s orders.

116My Urologist

  • Season 5, Episode 23
  • Episode Air Date: May 16, 2006
  • J.D finds himself falling for a new urologist. Elliot and Keith hit a rough patch.

117My Transition

  • Season 5, Episode 24
  • Episode Air Date: May 16, 2006
  • J.D. frets about his upcoming date with Kim. Carla is pregnant, and Elliot is planning the baby shower. J.D and Jordan receive startling news.

118My Mirror Image

  • Season 6, Episode 1
  • Episode Air Date: November 30, 2006
  • J.D gets wonderful news – he’s going to be a father! Dr. Cox questions his anger and it’s impact on his children. The Janitor gets existential.

119My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby

  • Season 6, Episode 2
  • Episode Air Date: December 7, 2006
  • Turk gets frustrated with Elliot after she helps Carla in labor. J.D and Kim aren’t sure what to do with their child. Jordan has some choice words for Dr. Cox and how he interacts with Jack.

120My Coffee

  • Season 6, Episode 3
  • Episode Air Date: December 14, 2006
  • J.D gives strangers medical advice. Carla contemplates whether she should return back to Sacred Heart. Dr. Kelso opens a coffee joint.

121My House

  • Season 6, Episode 4
  • Episode Air Date: January 4, 2007
  • Elliot lashes out at Turk. Carla starts showing signs of postpartum depression. Dr. Cox embodies Dr. House as he deals with a strange patient illness.

122My Friend with Money

  • Season 6, Episode 5
  • Episode Air Date: January 11, 2007
  • Now that Elliot is in private practice, J.D and Dr. Cox aren’t too happy. Turk tries to motivate Carla to seek help for her depression.

123My Musical

  • Season 6, Episode 6
  • Episode Air Date: January 18, 2007
  • In a trippy episode, a patient’s hallucinates that everyone is singing and dancing. Carla has second thoughts about leaving work. J.D starts to envy Elliot.

124His Story IV

  • Season 6, Episode 7
  • Episode Air Date: February 1, 2007
  • Dr. Kelso is having a hard time maintaining respect. The Iraq War causes a divide throughout the hospital.

125My Road to Nowhere

  • Season 6, Episode 8
  • Episode Air Date: February 8, 2007
  • J.D goes on a road trip with friends. Dr. Cox and Jordan are pregnant – and Dr. Cox wants to know the gender.

126My Perspective

  • Season 6, Episode 9
  • Episode Air Date: February 15, 2007
  • Turk’s patient loses faith. Carla starts to take advantage of having a baby. Janitor torments J.D from afar.

127My Therapeutic Month

  • Season 6, Episode 10
  • Episode Air Date: February 22, 2007
  • Fighting for the respect of Dr. Cox, Turk switches to medical practice after breaking his arm. J.D tries to get back into the dating game.

128My Night to Remember

  • Season 6, Episode 11
  • Episode Air Date: March 1, 2007
  • The hospital staff cope with boredom on an unusually slow day. J.D reflects on his life choices.

129My Fishbowl

  • Season 6, Episode 12
  • Episode Air Date: March 8, 2007
  • J.D and Turk resolve an old problem. Private Dancer returns to Sacred Heart, after a drug overdose.

130My Scrubs

  • Season 6, Episode 13
  • Episode Air Date: March 15, 2007
  • J.D and Turk try and help an uninsured patient. Dr. Cox warns Elliot of a drug addict. The staff get a new wardrobe.

131My No Good Reason

  • Season 6, Episode 14
  • Episode Air Date: March 22, 2007
  • J.D and Turk are infatuated with Izzy’s nanny. Elliot is suspended. Dr. Cox questions the faith of Laverne.

132My Long Goodbye

  • Season 6, Episode 15
  • Episode Air Date: April 5, 2007
  • Laverne passes away, and the hospital grieves. Jordan gives birth.

133My Words of Wisdom

  • Season 6, Episode 16
  • Episode Air Date: April 12, 2007
  • The staff gather for Nurse Roberts funeral. Dr. Cox struggles getting a break at work. J.D and Turk need help assisting a patient – from the Janitor!

134Their Story

  • Season 6, Episode 17
  • Episode Air Date: April 19, 2007
  • Ted navigates an argument with Dr. Kelso and the nurses. Jordan toys with Keith and Elliot.

135My Turf War

  • Season 6, Episode 18
  • Episode Air Date: April 26, 2007
  • Keith proposes! Dr. Cox and Turk are at odds over who should deal with Lloyd, an ambulance driver, former delivery man, and patient of Sacred Heart.

136My Cold Shower

  • Season 6, Episode 19
  • Episode Air Date: May 3, 2007
  • Keith proposes again – but this time, he has an audience. J.D struggles with the new proposal.

137My Conventional Wisdom

  • Season 6, Episode 20
  • Episode Air Date: May 10, 2007
  • J.D and Turk attend a convention in Phoenix, and someone is pregnant. Dr. Cox drives Elliot crazy as she plans her wedding.

138My Rabbit

  • Season 6, Episode 21
  • Episode Air Date: May 17, 2007
  • J.D and Kim give their relationship another shot. Turk refuses to perform a risky surgery. Elliot remains picky about her wedding.

139My Point of No Return

  • Season 6, Episode 22
  • Episode Air Date: May 17, 2007
  • J.D questions his relationship with Kim as Elliot questions her relationship with Keith. Dr. Cox influences Jordan to dismiss J.D as the godfather of Jennifer.

140My Own Worst Enemy

  • Season 7, Episode 1
  • Episode Air Date: October 25, 2007
  • J.D makes a commitment to less self destructive behavior. Elliot breaks off the marriage.

141My Hard Labor

  • Season 7, Episode 2
  • Episode Air Date: November 1, 2007
  • J.D welcomes Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian into the word. Turk is obsessed with a new video game. Dr. Cox lets another doctor treat Jennifer.

142My Inconvenient Truth

  • Season 7, Episode 3
  • Episode Air Date: November 8, 2007
  • Elliot’s patient, Robyn, later appears in “My Full Moon”.
  • The janitor attempts to make the hospital “go green.” Dan is back, with an exorbitant surprise for J.D

143My Identity Crisis

  • Season 7, Episode 4
  • Episode Air Date: November 15, 2007
  • J.D and Turk think back on their first prank. Dr. Kelso’s age is no longer a secret. Dr. Cox struggles with a 10 year old leukemia patient.

144My Growing Pains

  • Season 7, Episode 5
  • Episode Air Date: November 29, 2007
  • Turk attempts to bring back J.D’s immature side. Dr. Cox has to deliver tough news to a young patient.

145My Number One Doctor

  • Season 7, Episode 6
  • Episode Air Date: December 6, 2007
  • Dr. Kelso introduces The Janitor tries to act normal for his new girlfriend. Somebody wins free muffins for life from Coffee Bucks!

146My Bad Too

  • Season 7, Episode 7
  • Episode Air Date: April 10, 2008
  • Carla questions her ability to give Izzy a bright future. Turk attempts to learn spanish to please Carla, but decides to not reveal it.

147My Manhood

  • Season 7, Episode 8
  • Episode Air Date: April 17, 2008
  • Turk gets hyper masculine, and J.D bears the brunt of his rage. Elliot overhears a phone conversation between Dr. Kelso and his wife..

148My Dumb Luck

  • Season 7, Episode 9
  • Episode Air Date: April 24, 2008
  • Dr. Kelso reminisces on his time at Sacred Heart as he leaves his position as Chief Of Medicine.

149My Waste of Time

  • Season 7, Episode 10
  • Episode Air Date: May 1, 2008
  • Dr. Cox isn’t sure how to handle the new demands and stress of his new job title. Elliot and J.D hunt down a patient.

150My Princess

  • Season 7, Episode 11
  • Episode Air Date: May 8, 2008
  • Dr. Cox has a very bad day at the hospital. J.D and Elliot team up to diagnose a patient.

151My Jerks

  • Season 8, Episode 1
  • Episode Air Date: January 6, 2009
  • Sacred Heart welcomes the new Chief of Medicine – Dr. Maddox. J.D once again struggles with new interns. The Janitor is fired.

152My Last Words

  • Season 8, Episode 2
  • Episode Air Date: January 6, 2009
  • J.D and Turk put tradition aside to comfort a terminally ill patient. Jordan bonds with Dr. Maddox.

153My Saving Grace

  • Season 8, Episode 3
  • Episode Air Date: January 13, 2009
  • J.D and Elliot try and cheat the system in assisting a patient with their medication. Dr. Cox and Janitor rally to get Dr. Maddox fired.

154My Happy Place

  • Season 8, Episode 4
  • Episode Air Date: January 13, 2009
  • J.D and Elliot revisit their relationship. Dr. Kelso discards the opinions of others. Dr. Cox and Turk break new friendship ground.

155My ABC's

  • Season 8, Episode 5
  • Episode Air Date: January 27, 2009
  • J.D tries to teach Denise to be friendlier with patients. Dr. Cox learns why he hates Ed. Elliot and Katie find a place on Turk’s academic team.

156My Cookie Pants

  • Season 8, Episode 6
  • Episode Air Date: January 27, 2009
  • J.D continues to help Denise improve. Elliot struggles to give J.D a special night. Turk has trouble with self control, as his sweet tooth gets out of control.

157My New Role

  • Season 8, Episode 7
  • Episode Air Date: February 3, 2009
  • Dr. Cox is the new Chief of Medicine, but it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Elliot angers the nurses.

158My Lawyer's in Love

  • Season 8, Episode 8
  • Episode Air Date: February 3, 2009
  • Ted is in love! Dr. Cox struggles maintaining his responsibilities and interests. An unlikely truce forms between J.D and Janitor.

159My Absence

  • Season 8, Episode 9
  • Episode Air Date: February 10, 2009
  • J.D is on a vacation – Dr. Cox is thrilled, but Elliot misses him. Carla is pregnant again, but some do not relish the news.

160My Comedy Show

  • Season 8, Episode 10
  • Episode Air Date: February 10, 2009
  • J.D and Turk host a comedy show, causing them to question their friendship. Denise and Sonja try to help Elliot assist a patient.

161My Nah Nah Nah

  • Season 8, Episode 11
  • Episode Air Date: March 18, 2009
  • Dr. Cox and Jordan argue over the wedding ring. Love is in the air, and it’s making Janitor nervous. Sportscenter influences Turk’s surgical procedure.

162Their Story II

  • Season 8, Episode 12
  • Episode Air Date: March 25, 2009
  • The new interns struggle with day to day life at Sacred Heart. J.D is relentless with Dr. Cox. Elliot finds herself in a tight spot.

163My Full Moon

  • Season 8, Episode 13
  • Episode Air Date: April 1, 2009
  • Elliot questions whether or not she is on the right career path. With new found confidence, the interns hit a rough patch. Todd regulates Hi-Fives around the hospital.

164My Soul on Fire: Part 1

  • Season 8, Episode 14
  • Episode Air Date: April 8, 2009
  • The janitor is getting married, but his invitations aren’t so wholesome. The Bahamas turn out to be a haven for relationship trouble.

165My Soul on Fire: Part 2

  • Season 8, Episode 15
  • Episode Air Date: April 15, 2009
  • The Janitor and Lady tie the knot. Jordan makes startling profession to Dr. Cox.

166My Cuz

  • Season 8, Episode 16
  • Episode Air Date: April 22, 2009
  • Turk attempts to land the Chief of Surgery position. Dr. Kelso treats himself, and longs to be a doctor again. J.D wants to move closer to Sammy and Kim.

167My Chief Concern

  • Season 8, Episode 17
  • Episode Air Date: May 5, 2009
  • J.D leaves Sacred Heart. Turk gets used to being the Chief of Surgery, which causes a power struggle between him and long time bud, J.D. Elliot punishes Denise.

168My Finale

  • Season 8, Episode 18-19
  • Episode Air Date: May 6, 2009
  • J.D spends his last day at Sacred Heart. Turk and Elliot scramble to send J.D off spectacularly. The janitor’s real name is revealed, as are Dr. Cox’s true feelings.

169Our First Day of School

  • Season 9, Episode 1
  • Episode Air Date: December 1, 2009
  • J.D begins his new job as a professor at Winston University. Lucy, Cole, and Drew begin med school.

170Our Drunk Friend

  • Season 9, Episode 2
  • Episode Air Date: December 1, 2009
  • J.D and Turk try and convince Denise to connect with Drew. Lucy tries to convince Dr. Cox that alcoholics can change their habits.

171Our Role Models

  • Season 9, Episode 3
  • Episode Air Date: December 8, 2009
  • Dr. Cox loses faith in Drew. J.D mediates problems between Drew and Lucy.

172Our Histories

  • Season 9, Episode 4
  • Episode Air Date: December 15, 2009
  • J.D and Turk struggle with getting older. The med students clamor to interview patients.

173Our Mysteries

  • Season 9, Episode 5
  • Episode Air Date: December 22, 2009
  • J.D’s ego is bruised when a patient points out his needy behavior. Denise tries to reign in Drew. Lucy worries about drawing blood from a live patient.

174Our New Girl-Bro

  • Season 9, Episode 6
  • Episode Air Date: January 1, 2010
  • Turk tries to replace J.D. Lucy finds inspiration in Elliot.

175Our White Coats

  • Season 9, Episode 7
  • Episode Air Date: January 5, 2010
  • Elliot gives Denise a makeover, but it doesn’t go as planned. Lucy questions why she wants to be a doctor.

176Our Couples

  • Season 9, Episode 8
  • Episode Air Date: January 5, 2010
  • Dr. Cox and Turk are at odds in a furious competition.

177Our Stuff Gets Real

  • Season 9, Episode 9
  • Episode Air Date: January 12, 2010
  • J.D and Elliot prepare to welcome their child into the world. Jordan tasks Dr. Cox with drafting a will.

178Our True Lies

  • Season 9, Episode 10
  • Episode Air Date: January 19, 2010
  • Lucy cheats on an exam, while Drew confesses his love for Denise. Turk struggles treating a homosexual patient.

179Our Dear Leaders

  • Season 9, Episode 11
  • Episode Air Date: January 26, 2010
  • A world renowned surgeon threatens Turk’s confidence. Denise and Drew avoid each other.

180Our Driving Issues

  • Season 9, Episode 12
  • Episode Air Date: March 10, 2010
  • Cole is diagnosed with skin cancer. Dr. Cox has to revoke a license – the one belonging to Dr. Kelso.

181Our Thanks

  • Season 9, Episode 13
  • Episode Air Date: March 17, 2010
  • Lucy has trouble preparing a moving speech. Denise and Drew attempt to live together, with Cole realizes his aspirations to become a surgeon.

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